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Long long time ago…

In a basement far far away, Twillsie and Misterbunny were playing a copy of Spyro on Misterbunny’s original Playstation, when suddenly the Playstation started acting strangely. The Mod chip in his Playstation created a DRM-Free time vortex (it’s what digital rights officers from the future use to shut down pirated games in the past… like really lame time cops) and it sucked Misterbunny and Twillsie into the digiverse (A universe that is made up completely of digital… stuff) where they met the Great Lord GIBSON.

GIBSON bestowed, upon them, the powers of Epoch time. Powers, which allowed Twillsie and Misterbunny to travel through all time and space (as long as it wasn’t before January 1st, 1970). Misterbunny and Twillsie first went back in time… But they soon found out that games were really lame in 1970, so they decided to use the powers of Epoch to travel into the future. They discovered that Daft Punk had taken over the universe and had turned every human into twerking, green haired, Japanese animated, disco robots.

At first this was way cool. But then Daft Punk had felt their disturbance in the digiforce (it’s like the force, but made completely of digital… stuff) and had sent Robot Pharrell Williams to kill us. Twillsie and Misterbunny first got their asses kicked, because they simply were not anticipating Robot Pharrell Williams (RPW for short). During the ass-kicking Misterbunny and Twillsie used Epoch time to go back in time by 1 minute, where they both sucker punched RPW in the robotosphogous. RPW blew up and shards of his raw musical talent got embedded into the fists of Twillsie and Misterbunny.

The Great Lord GIBSON was no longer ‘happy’ that Misterbunny and Twillsie killed RPW (cause RPW was running on Unix), and sent them back to the present time. Upon their return, they were investigated by the FBI, CIA, and the Westgate Elementary French-Immersion 4th grade Science Class. Both the FBI and CIA discredited the research done by the 4th grade science students (who all provided convincing and very colourful line graphs and taped dandelion seeds as use for ‘la évidence’). When it was all said and done the final FBI report had stated that Misterbunny’s Playstation was acting strangely due to some electrical line noise…

This is the true story of how Electrical Line Noise came to be…

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